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The primary goal of commissioning is to ensure that the building and its equipment work as intended.  This process focuses upon verifying and documenting that all systems and assemblies evaluated are planned, designed, installed, operated, and then maintained to meet the owner's requirements. All too often buildings are built or operated with the best of intentions but do not achieve the owner's goals.

The process starts at the pre-design planning stage through to occupancy and continues through the operation.  Most people get their bicycle or car tuned on a regular schedule......why not your building too? 

  • Deliver buildings that meet the owner's goals
  • Prevent or eliminate problems through proactive quality assurance
  • Verify systems are installed and operate as intended and documented
  • Lower first costs and life-cycle costs
  • Provide documentation on design, construction, and testing for proper O&M
  • Continued satisfactory operation and efficiency


Commissioning (Cx)
New buildings

Retro-commissioning (RcX)
Existing Buildings

An existing building that has went through the commissioning process.​

While we have tested and valued the performance of many building components, at Degree Days we specialize in the commissioning process of building enclosures and their components. We have worked with many developers and existing building owners to ensure that their building shell performs as they intended.  Lets do it right the first time!  And if it wasn't, we can help!

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