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About Degree Days, LLC
Degree day - a measure of heating and cooling.  

Degree Days was founded out of a desire to make a difference in the way buildings and their systems use energy. 

We have field experience conducting countless energy audits of multifamily buildings, commercial businesses, factories, farms, and homes.  Our diverse field experience and training means we are poised to provide you with superior service.    

    -    energy saving estimates
    -    technical  evaluations
    -    project management
    -    solar assessments  

It has been our good fortune to share those experiences across the US, educating colleagues and consumers on the way we use energy and how together we can use it more effectively.  From energy efficient technology improvements to installation procedures to testing techniques we have utilized our training in building science to promote optimum building performance.  

Since each building is unique, it is our goal to strategically reduce the energy your building consumes while introducing a more comfortable living and working environment. 

Understanding your goals is the key to strategically improving the energy consumption, durability, and indoor air quality of the built environment. 

Our owner, Torrance Kramer has been working on the forefront of energy efficiency and sustainability as an Energy Manager for a decade. He is very passionate about energy efficiency and green building techniques.    

Let us put our experience to work for you!


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Infrared scan of poor wall insulation
Infrared scan of poor wall insulation.
Typical blower door setup.