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Retrofits and Project Management
​Addressing the energy efficiency and sustainability of your building from top to bottom is our ultimate goal. We are able to resolve many of the energy consuming inefficiencies of you building.   
We specialize in resolving building shell defects. Most buildings are either under insulated or have way too many air leaks. Do you or your neighbor's have ice dams?  At Degree Days we can provide you with the results you want by testing and sealing air leaks then insulating where it is needed. We use a blower door(s) to guide our way to sealing costly leaks that will save money, increase building durability, and promote better pest management.

Many commercial and residential buildings have duct work in unconditioned parts of the building. There is a good chance that they are either leaking or under-insulated. By properly testing and sealing then insulating you will make a huge difference in the health of your building and your wallet.  

It is our goal to improve the energy efficiency of your building while improving the indoor air quality, comfort, and durability of your home or business.    

Whether providing solutions using our own hands or managing the hands of others we we want to ensure that you receive the most efficient and sustainable solution for your project.  With our network of reputable contractors we are able to ensure quality every step of the way.  

We take on the challenges so you don't have to!

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Building with extensive ice dam issues.  We can resolve this through proper air sealing and insulating.
Knee wall attic with over R50 of cellulose insulation installed.
We enjoy doing new construction or extensive rehab project management as well!